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The typical nightmare created in 2D CAD where several drawings show different ways to build the same thing are eliminated. Here is where your money is wasted by a set of drawings that create problems, uncertainty, and mistakes. All of this take money to fix once they pop up during construction, and still some things cannot be fully fixed.

Life as an Architect

Today, your home should not be drawn, it should display the real-life conditions and solutions. Projects fully developed in BIM are clearer, better communicated, better resolved, are much more efficient than those from other design tools. The owner can fully visualize and understand the project in the design process, the builder can better execute the construction since they can see the project in full detail and they learn to trust the level of detail and development in the design.

Cost projections are better and more complete, since every detail can be fully understood and analyzed. They are simply the standard by which BIM architecture excellence is measured. Communication is a key element to anything in our lives, from ordering your favorite latte at Starbucks, telling your stylist how to cut your hair, and making sure the gardener trimmed the bushes like you wanted.

Design is no different! Projects involve a team of people to make them happen, and it is essential for everybody to stay current and fully aware of what is going on. Although I am internationally based, Roderick and his team have managed to ensure effective and consistent forward workflow by utilizing organization tools that facilitate instantaneous updates and dialog on each phase as it takes shape.

Architect's Guide to Running a Job

Our clients stay in the loop and can comment and provide any feedback at any time, from anywhere around the world. All information is documented, we eliminate miscommunication or unanswered questions. Every aspect of your project has a designated place online where it can be discussed with team members and referenced as needed in the future. We speak Spanish and fluent English, so you never have to worry about anything getting lost in translation. We make extensive use of video conferencing for client calls, project presentation, discussion and review.

From the moment we engaged them, they have done a superb job. First, they took the time to understand our needs and preferences. Then they provided a phased timeline and gave us various options on how we could work with them. This approach put us, the customer, first and gave us a sense that Sarco was a consultative designer and not a transactional one. Once we signed the contract with them, they met all key milestones with professionalism and excellence. The renderings and the virtual tour of the house were beautiful.

We did make various iterations of the interior design and they were patient and open as we provided feedback.

We thank the Sarco team for their outstanding design and customer service. And the answer is… Yes, definitely! We initially worried about building our dream house in a developing country over 2, miles away from NY. But after having worked with Roderick and his team we can wholeheartedly say that Sarco has certainly turned our dreams into reality.

Roderick has mastered every challenge and delivered a first-class home that fulfills and even surpasses our highest expectations. Roderick is a master in the use of interactive technology. Designing with the use of leading edge interactive 3D software is a fun family project.

Bridging the distance between New York and Costa Rica is a breeze. Want to learn a bit more about our story? Read our About Us page for a more detailed insight on what makes us tick. You may be wondering: Will my project get approved? Get More Information Here. Contact Us. Looking for some key insights for designing your new home in Tropical Climates? Check out our new guide.

How to Land an Enterprise Architect Job

Virtual Reality on our Residential Architecture Click play on the video to enjoy a glimpse of our application of virtual reality on our projects. Full Array of Design Services for your Project A wide array of services designed to give you a wonderful project experience. You need someone to be able to channel your thoughts. To convert your needs and your taste and somehow convert this into a home that is masterfully designed.

You want to make sure that all technical matters are resolved and taken into account. You want a home where you can live and enjoy long-lasting moments with family and friends. You want a home that is designed in a way that will bring value to your property. This is what we do…. You want to take your project to the next level. You want to have excellence in attention to detail in the design your interior spaces.

You want your kitchen, bathrooms, feature rooms, custom cabinetry, etc. You want someone to handle all necessary specification for materials, finishes, hardware, fixtures, etc.

Download Architects Guide To Running A Job Sixth Edition

Our Interior Architecture Design Service gives you an added level of precision. These concern the following subjects:. Let us start with misunderstanding 1. A popular misconception is that classical architecture is pastiche; it is often said that it is a simple matter of cribbing from the pattern books. I notice that many art historians are full of this and — like all people who are protected from reality — they will never learn until they start to practise.

I believe there is something in the Gospels: 'If you know these things, happy are ye if ye do them'. It is only in the doing that we learn. Say, for instance, you are asked to design a door in the Palladian manner. You turn to Palladio's Quattro Libri and you find that you are only given the profile of the moulding 1. No guidance is given on size, scale, materials or construction. Even if you can decide on a door 3ft 6in wide by 7ft high with architraves one-sixth of the opening and an entablature above , how do you relate it to the wall?

How do you convert these lines of an engraving into building materials? You are now faced with decisions about the lining, frame, door and its panelling, not to mention the treatment of the surround on the other side of the wall. To do this you have to draw on your knowledge and experience, and the result will express a number of architectural subtleties.

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If you are not careful you may also express your own shortcomings and lack of skill! If you feel that a door of this sort is not sufficiently important for its position you can add an Order either side and even a pediment 4. This leads to misunderstanding 2, which concerns functionalism.

It is said that in a democratic age, the greater or lesser importance of such a simple thing as a door is no longer relevant. Quite apart from the democracy question, every large municipal building has to serve different groups of people, and it is helpful if the main public entrance is easily distinguished from the office staff entrance or the door to the refuse collection.

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Even in the sitting room of a small house the door to the hall or kitchen should be more important than the door to a cupboard. The old rules relating to relative importance the hierarchy of doors and their architraves still apply and fulfil an important function.

If they are well understood they help the client use the building and if they are ignored as in most modern buildings, you have to resort to signs and symbols to guide the public in the right direction. We therefore see just one of the functions of mouldings in stressing the relative importance of different doors.

It amazes me that mouldings, which are so simple, can lead to such infinite variations. After all there is really only one curve and one straight. A cavetto is a concave curve whilst an ovolo is the opposite. A cyma recta is a cavetto followed by an ovolo, whereas a cyma reversa is the opposite 5. The fillets merely come between.

If you stack them together, they say something — maybe an Ionic modillion cornice 6. You may ask, 'What is the reason for the sequence of these moulding?