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The amount of curvature becomes greater as the value of b is made closer to zero. D Converting the log expressions to exponential expressions gives and. Use your calculator to find that t is approximately As a general rule, the graphs of rational functions are not continuous i. A point of discontinuity occurs at any value of x that would cause q x to become zero. I f p x and q x can be factored so that f x can be reduced, removing the factors that caused the discontinuities, the graph will contain only holes.

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If the factors that caused the discontinuities cannot be removed, asymptotes will occur. TIP If p and q are both 0 for some x, there is a hole at that x, but if q is 0 and p is not 0, an asymptote results. You could also enter this function on the graphing calculator and get the graph shown above, but it is unlikely that you would see the hole at —1,0. This is true because, as x approaches very close to 2, f x gets either extremely large or extremely small. As x becomes extremely large or extremely small, f x gets closer and closer to zero.

Replies to: Barron's Math Level 2 7th/8th Ed

Plotting a few points indicates that the graph looks like the figure below. Vertical and horizontal asymptotes can also be described using limit notation. In this example you could write to mean f x gets closer to 0 as x gets arbitrarily large or small to mean f x gets arbitrarily large as x approaches 2 from the right to mean f x gets arbitrarily small as x approaches 2 from the left If you entered this function into a TI calculator, your graph will show what appears to be an asymptote.

The TI calculators do not connect these two pixels. What does equal? The numerator is always positive, so the graph of this rational function has a vertical asymptote. As x approaches 2 from the right i. As x approaches 2 from the left i. Thus, does not exist since and. As in the previous example, you could enter this function into your graphing calculator.

Then, with an appropriate window, you could determine the infinite limits as x approaches 2 from the left and right.

Therefore, the larger x gets, the more the rational function looks like. You can also see this by dividing each term of the numerator and denominator by x2, the highest power of x. Now, as , each approaches zero. Thus, the entire fraction approaches. To use a graphing calculator to find this limit, enter the function, and use the TABLE in Ask mode to enter larger and larger x values. The table will show y values closer and closer to 1. Which of the following is the equation of an asymptote of?

D Factor and reduce:. Substitute 1 for x and the fraction equals. As x approaches zero, this approaches 2.

Barron’s SAT Subject Test Math Level 2, 8th Edition | CAT MAT Info

B Factor and reduce. Substitute 2 for x and the fraction equals. D Divide numerator and denominator through by x2. As x , the fraction approaches. D Factor and reduce. Therefore, is the correct answer choice. The standard window uses 0 for Tmin and 6. As t increases from 0, the graph traces out a line that ascends as it moves right. It may be possible to eliminate the parameter and to rewrite the equation in familiar xy-form. Just remember that the resulting equation may consist of points not on the graph of the original set of equations.

The graph is the ray indicated in the figure. Sketch the graph of the parametric equations Replace the parameter with t, and enter the pair of equations. The graph has the shape of an ellipse, elongated horizontally, as shown in this diagram. It is possible to eliminate the parameter, , by dividing the first equation by 4 and the second equation by 3, squaring each, and then adding the equations together.

Since —1 cos 1 and —1 sin 1, —4 x 4 and —3 y 3 from the two parametric equations. In this case the parametric equations do not limit the graph obtained by removing the parameter. Which of the following is are a pair of parametric equations that represent a circle?

Barron's SAT Subject Test Physics

These functions are useful in modeling behavior that exhibits more than one pattern. The reverse is true for values of x greater than 1, so only x3 — 4x will be graphed. This graph is shown on the standard grid in the figure below. Absolute value functions are a special type of piecewise functions.

The vertex separates the two branches of the graph; h delineates the domain of all real numbers into two parts. The magnitude of a determines how spread out the two branches are. Larger values of a correspond to graphs that are more spread out. You can readily solve absolute value equations or inequalities by finding points of intersection. Enter x — 3 into Y1 and 2 into Y2. This is also easy to see algebraically. Solving these equations yields the same solutions: 5 or 1.

This equation also has a coordinate geometry solution: a — b is the distance between a and b. Therefore, x must be 5 or 1. The graphical solution is shown below. By writing the inequality as , we can also interpret the solutions to the inequality as those points that are more than units from.

If the graph of f x is shown below, sketch the graph of A f x B f x. Thus, all points below the x-axis are reflected about the x-axis, and all points above the x-axis remain unchanged. Thus, the graph to the left of the y-axis will be a reflection of the graph to the right of the y-axis. The graph of f x is indicated below. Step functions are another special type of piecewise function. These functions are constant over different parts of their domains so that their graphs consist of horizontal segments. The greatest integer function, denoted by [x], is an example of a step function.

If x is not an integer, then [x] is the largest integer less than x.

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Five examples of the greatest integer function integer notation are: 1 [3. What is the range of. Set TblStart to 0 and Tbl to 0. A 0 B 1 C 2 D an infinite number E none of the above 2. Which of the following is equivalent to 1 x — 2 4? The figure shows the graph of which one of the following?

The cost of a 3. A formula for the cost in cents of first-class postage for a letter weighing N ounces N 3. B Graph these parametric equations for values of t between —5 and 5 and for x and y between —2. Apparently the x values are always greater than some value. This leads to a correct guess of. This can be verified by completing the square on the x equation:. This represents a parabola that opens up with vertex at. D D is the only reasonable answer choice.

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