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A symbol of the downfall
  1. The Fallen Leaves: Maximum Minimum, Live at the Hope and Anchor - Album Review
  2. Wages have fallen 43% for Millennials. No wonder they’ve lost hope
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The Sydney Rescue Work Society also arranged adoptions privately, advertising in its newspapers and in the press, although it appears few records were kept of this practice before adoption was formalised in New South Wales in This Home was a specialised service, rare in Sydney and, as a result, the New South Wales Government sent pregnant state wards and Aboriginal apprentices to the Home of Hope to await the birth of their babies. The Home of Hope did not just take unmarried mothers.

There was strong local demand from pregnant women for a safe birthing service and by Louisa Ardill had set up a separate maternity hospital, South Sydney Women's Hospital.

The Fallen Leaves: Maximum Minimum, Live at the Hope and Anchor - Album Review

The building still stands, in what is now known as Gilpin Street, Camperdown. South Sydney Women's Hospital became a major obstetric, gynaecological and nursing institution, which has an important role in the history of midwifery. It was taken over by the New South Wales Government in the s and was closed in South Sydney Women's Hospital also played a role in arranging adoptions, and its records are held by the Benevolent Society. Some people may find content on this website distressing. A vast majority of the stranger parts of the Force come from holocrons, Sith sorcery, and locations where the Force pools together.

With the exception of that last one, we haven't seen many of those examples in the films, as most have passed into noncanon.

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  • A Knight Templar in Lincoln County (Short Story) (A Jacob Smith Short Story).

We have seen a few reintroduced in The Clone Wars and Rebels though, and it could be cool to see Jedi: Fallen Order expand on any one of them. The Clone Wars reintroduced us to The Ones: The Father, a god-like being with unprecedented control over the Force; The Son, the living embodiment of the dark side; and The Daughter, the living embodiment of the light.

An immortal shapeshifter with a mastery over both the light and dark sides of the Force, Abeloth's incessant need for companionship has put her into direct conflict with both the Jedi and Sith for centuries. Exploring her lore would make for an excellent collection of side quests. Rebels reintroduced time travel into the Star Wars canon with the world between worlds, a mystical plane where every moment exists in tandem and Force users can both travel to and change any event from the past or future.

The world between worlds has already been used to explain how Ahsoka Tano survived until the events of Return of the Jedi, and could be used as a scapegoat for Respawn to tell an original story. The world between worlds dismisses any inconsistencies in Star Wars lore by separating certain events and characters into different timelines. Even if Respawn chooses not to create a story separate from Disney's Star Wars Universe, we'd love to see the world between worlds used to pull off a time traveling mission similar to Titanfall 2 's stellar "Effects and Cause" level.

We only caught a glimpse of one of Coruscant's deepest levels in trailers for Star Wars: before the game was canceled.

Wages have fallen 43% for Millennials. No wonder they’ve lost hope

But what we saw offered a side of the city planet that's absent from the movies. Gone are the towering skyscrapers and brilliant lights. In the belly of Coruscant, it's dirty and violent and the only inhabitants are survivors and criminals. There's no law, and firefights are a common occurrence. Visiting Coruscant would be a great mission for Jedi Fallen Order to test your ingenuity and creativity. Using a lightsaber would probably create too much attention, forcing you to rely on a blaster, fancy tech, or the Force to get past enemies, circumnavigate obstacles, or survive deadly traps.

Plus, the level would be a nice nod to the Star Wars bounty hunter game we never got to play. The ending to Rogue One is one of the most terrifying scenes in any Star Wars movie. Watching Darth Vader effortlessly swat aside rebel fighters like they're nothing was a clear reminder that the Sith Lord is one of the most feared beings in the galaxy. He might have been evil in the original trilogy, but in Rogue One he was the rebellion's fear given physical form.

here In Star Wars, Darth Vader is supposed to be the boogeyman. You never want him to be the one who's sent after you. Unfortunately, we have few examples of how scary Vader can be. He chokes people all the time, but we rarely see him inspire genuine fear in everyone around him. We want to see what it's like for Vader to be hunting his prey. Vader has had more chances to prove how monstrous he is in Rebels, when his mere presence made Kanan and Ezra feel cold, and again when he fought his former apprentice Ahsoka Tano in one of the most emotionally-driven lightsaber duels in the franchise.

It's the sort of face-off we'd like to see more of. If Jedi: Fallen Order would rather go hot than cold, then the game could cover the immediate aftermath of Revenge of the Sith when Vader is wallowing in his sorrow over killing Padme. We imagine Vader would have been especially viscous during this part of his life, as he buries his pain for his dead wife under the bodies of his victims.

Imagine facing a Vader like that in Jedi: Fallen Order. He'd probably fight like a demented animal with nothing to lose. I'm not going to kill you. I have other uses for you. We don't see Maul again until a brief cameo in Solo. He's seen again in Rebels, now free of the Emperor and filled with hatred for the man who was once his master. According to the Ahsoka novel, Maul fled from the public eye during the confusion of the Jedi purge. Where he went and what he did after that is still a mystery.

Palpatine had plans for his former apprentice but it seems like Maul was able to escape before those plans bore fruit. It would be nice to learn what Palpatine had in mind and whether or not he enacted his machinations through someone else. Leave Blank. Such high debt prevents many Millennials from taking steps that are traditional markers of adulthood, such as purchasing homes and starting families.

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  8. Millennial incomes have also fallen dramatically compared with previous generations. Millennials in had median earnings that were 43 percent lower than that of Generation Xers in , when Gen X was at a similar point in its demographic development.

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    In addition, financial insecurity is making US Millennials less entrepreneurial than previous generations. Recent studies indicate that the share of people under 30 who own their own business is at its lowest in 24 years.

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    Given such poor economic conditions, it is unsurprising that US Millennials have returned home, becoming the first generation in modern US history to primarily live in a multigenerational home. In the UK, housing affordability and employment opportunities are the most pressing issues for Millennials. While student debt is also an issue , the rapid rise in home prices in the UK has proven to be far more serious. Millennials have found themselves priced out of starter homes, as housing costs outpace income growth.

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    Median income for most Millennials aged , for instance, is 8 percent lower than it was before the global financial crisis. Unemployment and underemployment also remain high, despite recent economic improvements. Japanese Millennials face likely the most dire economic circumstances of this trio.

    This economic hardship is reflected in Millennial attitudinal surveys.

    Daenerys Targaryen - Fallen hope

    Public and private sector leaders have taken steps to engage with Millennials. Since entering office, President Obama , as well as former British Prime Minister Cameron , have made communication with Millennials a significant part of their communications strategy, while Prime Minister Abe has leveraged economic reforms to improve youth economic prospects and has made significant strides in increasing female labor force participation.

    Even so, such outreach failed to translate into significant Millennial political turnout in the United States and United Kingdom. In addition, businesses such as GE and BAE Systems have developed mentorship programs to prepare Millennials for corporate leadership positions as Baby Boomers retire, incentivized by rapidly shifting labor market demographics.