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On Aug. But the encounter proved more fruitful than expected.

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However, Juno is carrying microwave instruments that can each probe those clouds to different depths; together, these instruments can effectively peel back the clouds like layers of an onion. An artist's impression based on the microwave data reveals a striking feature: Some of the stripes are visible deep into the cloud layers. That came as a surprise to many of the scientists.

We didn't know if this was [just] skin-deep. He noted that the bands seen on the cloud tops are not identical to the bands seen in the subsequent layers, although there is clearly a strong similarity. They're not staying the same," Bolton said.

Deep Stripes - Fun*das bcn

The finding "hints [at] the deep dynamics and the chemistry of Jupiter's atmosphere. And this is the first time we've seen any giant planet atmosphere underneath its layers.

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So we're learning about atmospheric dynamics at a very basic level. The instrument took a snapshot of Jupiter's terminator line, or the place where night turns to day. As is the case with viewing the moon's terminator line, the change in light casts shadows, allowing viewers to see many features in three dimensions like being able to see the depth of craters on the moon. In the Juno photo, scientists spotted a cyclone rising above the main atmospheric layer.

The storm appears to be about 52 miles 85 km tall and about 4, miles 7, km wide, which is more than half the width of the Earth. We just try to keep it as spontaneous as possible and keep it coming off the top of our heads. Photos: The White Stripes on Tour in Now that the Stripes are pulling the red and white apart, it feels like Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown getting divorced — totally shocking, in that not-at-all-shocking kind of way.

At first the news might have seemed like no big deal, since the Stripes have been lying low since , while Jack White still makes a great record or two every year with one of his other bands, right? But then the crushing reality sank in.

No more Stripes live shows? The union forever! That first White Stripes show you see is a moment you never forget. If you do not want a usage analysis, please move the slider to the left. Update your browser to view this website correctly.

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