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Clarissa is in a league of her own for good cause. Clarissa is soft yet clearly spoken. Her voice soothes and relaxes me.

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She reaches me in all her books. She reaches out to me as a messenger from heavenly hosts and that is no exaggeration! I feels custom tailored to my needs and although those change, her truths will apply to the ever changing needs.. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? Any additional comments? This book is sophisticated enough to give different messages to different people after surviving different experiences and give the right message to all who listen regardless of the trauma suffered.

It is one of those profound life books that will give differently in every circumstance making the meanings change to suit to issues at hand.

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This woman is my favorite author and narrator ever. I truly love Clarissa and give great appreciation and gratitude for her participation in my life. This is the mushiest review I have ever give to anyone. Clarissa generously shares her rich life experiences and soul inspired stories, many which seemingly have survived generations and served to lift the spirit of our brothers and sisters. I have endured many hardships and setbacks Through engaging allegories and creatively crafted stories, Clarissa weaves us back to the path which is but one step away from the open-door -heart of true Self.

As someone who is at point of change and, hopefully, growth, I appreciate this recording and certainly plan to listen to it again; I'm sure I'll continue to get even more out of it. It isn't available as a book so I found myself going to my computer to type quotes from it. I love her guiding and generous spirit. This was my introduction to Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I enjoyed her wisdom and story telling. Very intuitive. I was drawn to the title as I feel I too am a late bloomer. I will listen over and over.

How Cycling Clothing Opened Doors for Women

It may not be for everyone but it spoke to me. Thank heaven for the courageously creative spirit that too often lies dormant in our souls. CPE renews and refreshes me like no other! I love the layering of stories that provide such richness and depth for understanding the fullness of the human experience as it is expressed within each of us. I love Dr. Pinkola-Estes manuscripts about the Wise Old Woman archetype. Her tellings are intimate, as if she's sharing secrets, because she is.

She makes an incredibly persuasive argument for living life on the edges, finding stories in the crevasses, and letting my imagination soar along with my pen. What a crone!

I loved listening to this book! Clarissa's words are magic for the ears that plant seeds of inspiration. Your audiobook is waiting…. Length: 7 hrs and 50 mins. People who bought this also bought What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:.

2012 Amelia Bloomer List

Most Helpful Most Recent. Zaubermond Water the soul's garden so you can bloom Many times over the last few years I have heard from another woman, "I have always wanted to Amazon Customer Perfect for early 50s me What made the experience of listening to The Late Bloomer the most enjoyable? Cynthia M. Brewer Oregon So awesome it is almost freaky. If you're looking to return to your soul-path Lisa Clarissa Pinkola Estes presents volume four of her masterwork on the Wise Woman archetype, bringing you six sessions of original tales, stories from her ethnic families, poems, blessings, and psychological commentary exploring the cycles of burgeoning, blooming New Life.

The Ultimate Blooming Takes TimeAlthough we are each created with countless gifts to share in this lifetime, no one is born in full development, begins Dr. The Late Bloomer the one at the verge of tipping forward into her creative powers speaks to all of us who sense within great talent untapped touchingly wondrous yet wounded or held back by fate in some way. Meet the wise old woman in the form of The Late Bloomer in her many guises, as she beckons us to ignite the creative fire of the interior life, to burst into bloom time and again.

Estes asks, What is your reason for being here on earth? What are the promises you made to Creator before you came? That is your original shape the holy shape of how you are meant to go in life, regardless of all crosswinds. The old woman as the wise Late Bloomer calls us to step forward into our true shapes, and to step onto the open road and blue sky where we can be born into New Life again. This item is not currently in-stock. It can be ordered online and is expected to ship in days. Whether you plan to be a beach-bum, a road warrior, or hide out in the AC until fall, we've got you covered with everything you're going to need.

What about racism? The evangelical church? What about doctrine and theology? Best practices and faithfulness? What about the church in the Age of Trump? Love Them? Calling all dreamers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, champions of justice: get excited for our next series because these are your people.

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Whether you are a dreamer like them or simply want to support women-led companies, this whole series is going to rock our world. Series 6: For the Love of Laughter. This one is going to be fun, guys. Series 5: For the Love of New Beginnings. Ready or not, the new year is hot on our heels! As you start writing down your resolutions, filling out your calendar, and dreaming up big, lofty goals for what your next year is going to look like, check out our series that's all about new beginnings!

Our guests in this series are experts at rewriting the narrative of their own stories into something that has more meaning, more purpose, and more connection to their own goals for where and who they want to be. They've waded neck-deep through the muck of stress, overwhelm, loneliness, insecurity, lack of direction and self-awareness and have come out on the other side with so much wisdom and advice for anyone looking to start making big changes in their own lives.

This series if full of practical tools and tips that will help you on your journey to living more authentically in !

Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.

The Intimately Oppressed

Series 3: For the Love of food! We are super excited about the next series on the podcast: For the love of food! Series 2: For the Love of Moxie! Our second series is going to knock you flat out. They will inspire you, push you, make you think. I hope you love listening to them as much as I loved talking to them. Series 1: For the Love of Girlfriends!