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Following the surrender, the government troops discovered the magazine of barrels of gunpowder which was then used to blow up what had remained from the bombardment. The castle was left to lie in silent ruin for almost years. The castle was restored in the early part of the 20 th Century and it was discovered that the castle had not lain completely empty while in its ruinous state.

The spirit of one of the fallen Spanish soldiers is said to linger in what is now the gift shop, with his head tucked under his arm. While this is a plausible explanation, it does not explain the nature of the Loch Ness Monster as Loch Ness is an inland freshwater loch. According to legend, Eilean Donan is said to be the burial grounds of the Otter Kings.

The Jacobite Series: Haunted History of Scotland

Their descendants live there to this day. In the past, sailors believed that the island was home to mermaids and seal maidens. A common element in all the seal maiden or selkie tales, and perhaps the most important, is the fact that in order to shapeshift they had to cast off their sealskins. Within these magical skins lay the power to return to seal form, and therefore the sea. If this sealskin was lost, or stolen, the creature was doomed to remain in human form until it could be recovered.

If a human discovered the sealskin they could hold the maiden captive. In one local legend, three brothers went fishing in the loch one night. They became enraptured by three seal maidens who had shed their seal skins and assumed human forms, while they danced by the moonlight on the sands. The brothers stole their furs, intending to claim the seal maidens as their wives.

However, tragedy struck the eldest son. Their retreat by sea was cut off. The coast was vigilantly patrolled by the boats of the British squadron. It was impossible even to cross to Skye. They had lost nearly the whole of their ammunition and provisions, and were in one of the wildest and most desolate parts of Britain, with no base of operations from which it was possible to draw any further supplies.

The Battle of Glenshiel

The Government troops in Scotland were being rapidly reinforced from the South. Tullibardine now determined to do what he ought to have done at first, namely, to endeavour to raise a force from among the clans. By this time the fatal news of the dispersal of the Cadiz fleet had reached the Highlands, and naturally recruits were not very plentiful.

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In the meantime the garrison of Inverness had been largely reinforced, and on June 5 Major-General Wightman marched from Inverness with a force of about infantry, besides dragoons and some Highlanders, and a battery of four cohorn mortars. He marched to the head of Loch Ness, where he halted for a day, and thence over by Glenmoriston towards Kintail. The position selected for defence was at the place where the present road crosses the river Shiel by a stone bridge, some five miles above Invershiel.

Here a shoulder of the mountain juts into the glen on its northern side, and the glen contracts into a narrow gorge, down which the Shiel, at this point a roaring torrent, runs in a deep rocky channel, between steep declivities covered with heather, bracken, and scattered birches. Above the pass the glen opens out into a little strath. Then, as now, the road ran through the strath on the north side of the river, and entered the pass along a narrow shelf between the river and the hill, from which it was entirely commanded.

This position was occupied by the Jacobite forces on July 9.

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They were joined in the course of the day by about ioo more recruits, and next day by about more. On the evening of the 9th Lord George Murray, who commanded the outposts, reported that the enemy were encamped within four or five miles, at the head of Loch Clunie. Next morning he reported that they had struck their camp and were marching over the watershed into Glenshiel. As they advanced Murray retired before them, keeping at a distance of about half a mile.

About two in the afternoon the armies came in sight of each other, about half a mile apart. Wightman halted and. A barricade had been made across the road, and along the face of the hill on the north side of the river entrenchments had been thrown up. Seaforth himself was on the extreme left, up on the side of Scour Ouran, with of his best men. The hill on the south bank of the river, the right of the position, was occupied by about men under Lord George Murray.

Tullibardine cornmanded in the centre, accompanied by Glendaruel.

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The whole wing was commanded by Colonel Clayton. The dragoons and the four mortars remained on the road. The precipitous banks of the burn effectually checked pursuit.

Seaforth was reinforced from the centre by the remainder of his own men under Sir John Mackenzie. Finding himself hard pressed, Seaforth sent down for further support. Another reinforcement under Rob Roy went to his aid, but before it reached him the greater part of his men had given way, and he himself had been severely wounded. The Spanish regulars stood their ground well, but finding that most of their allies had deserted them, they also at last began to retire up the hill to the left. The retreat soon became a flight.

The victorious Hanoverians pursued, their defeated enemies over the shoulders of Scour Ouran, and only halted as darkness fell, when they had nearly reached the top of the mountain. The action had lasted some three hours. The loss of the English troops amounted to 21 men killed and wounded, officers included. That of the Jacobites is difficult to estimate; it could not have been great, as Keith thought at the time that not more than men on both sides had been killed or wounded. Besides Seaforth, Lord George Murray was wounded. Short as it was it lasted no more than an hour it was deadly and….

Source: they never came home. This magnificent cross-slab from the Viking Age stands in the churchyard of Kirkcolm in the Rhinns of Galloway. I blogged about it two years ago, reproducing a nineteenth-century drawing see below…. Source: The Kilmorie Cross again. Menu Skip to content Home About. Search for:. Graveyards of Scotland From the first Viking raids right up to the middle of the 17th century Gairloch was nothing but a big battlefield.

The Ghost of Glenshiel - eBook -

Many died a brutal death here. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Graveyards of Scotland There are many Pictish stones in Moray, most of them stand lonely in some field or other somewhere along the roadside, often fenced-in with a small sign giving a few an explanations. The Sueno stone is an exception for several reasons. Culloden Battlefield Glencoe is a beautiful part of Scotland that is rich, not just in landscape, but also history so today we thought we share a little bit about why we love the spot so much. Short as it was it lasted no more than an hour it was deadly and… Source: they never came home Share this: Twitter Facebook.

I blogged about it two years ago, reproducing a nineteenth-century drawing see below… Source: The Kilmorie Cross again Share this: Twitter Facebook. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.